2017-07-09 / Site Move

I’ve been planning to overhaul my website for quite some time, so I finally went ahead and did it.

New host – FurHost.net¬†Yes I’m paying them, but figured I’d mention them anyway since they’ve been quite helpful so far.

New framework – I ditched the custom framework that ran my old site in favor of WordPress, so I can focus on content. Speaking of which…

New content – I have a lot of ideas for content I would like to work on, in particular how to do all kinds of creative things with fursuits, electronics, and more.

Cleanup – I’m porting over content from my old site and removing all the links that don’t work anymore.

Old stuff remaining – The old photo album remains until I can find a suitable replacement. I didn’t think my requirements were exotic but I couldn’t find a single gallery that:

  • Works with shared hosting
  • Has clean, sharable URL’s, that make sense, eg. /album/2017-04-29-ftm/DSCF3226.jpg
  • Is mobile-friendly
  • Accepts a directory structure of photos

And I’m quite willing to pay a modest amount to buy gallery software if needed.

If you know of anything that fulfills all this, please contact me.