Wildfox, the Christmas Fox

So how did Wildfox come to be decorated as a rather sorry-looking Christmas tree? Blame one of the favorite shows of troublesome coyotes everywhere, Mythbusters.

In December 2006, they wanted to see what causes Christmas tree fires. Was it too many lights? Or a spark from a frayed cord? To test the former case, they heaped 2500 hot C9 lights on a dried-out tree.

They added garland and ornaments to the branches, already drooping under weight of all the lights… which made for a very sorry-looking tree.

NARRATOR: “It’s as bright as the sun, but there’s something missing: That’s right, tacky ornaments. A decorative garland. And some brightly colored baubles.”

It was too tempting to pass up.

Poor fox! On a brighter (excuse the pun) note, the ladies felt bad for him and gave him lots of attention. Lucky fox, after all!

What became of the decorations? Exile Huscoon yoinked the lights off Wildfox at the con, but the rest of the decorations made it back to South Bend: (LJ entry) (picture, because it’s probably broken on Wildfox’s site).