2007-02-17 / Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007

I didn’t have a fursuit with me and wasn’t working the con, so, lots of pictures!


Get a poster print of the “101 Fursuiters”

Remember the photo shoot on the stairs after the parade? I happened to pick up a new (to me) camera a few months ago, and it can take pictures with enough quality for posters:

Small JPEG for onscreen viewing

54 megapixel, 11 MB JPEG for a 20×30 poster
Note: it appears somewhat grainy and oversharpened onscreen, but don’t worry, it looks fine in print.

What to do with the file? Well, get a poster made, of course! The file above is all set up for printing, just download it and re-upload it to an online lab. I’ve gotten permission from Santa Fox (who runs FWA’s fursuit track) that it’s okay to do that.

As an example of one lab, I had a print made at EZPrints, and they did a pretty good job. I paid a total of $23.90 for a 20×30 print ($17.95) plus shipping ($5.95). Your cost may vary. Note that I have no affiliation with EZPrints; use them at your own risk. Costco also did it for just $10, but the quality wasn’t quite as good as EZPrints.