RGB Raccoon

Artwork for the fursuit character RGB Raccoon.

   Concept artwork by Dogz, February 2004
Hug the Tail! Icon by Windmist, December 2005

Even though the suit was years away from being completed, I commissioned an icon for it while Windmist was still doing them.

Badge by Ocicat, November 2011
Badge by Artful Dodger, Midwest FurFest 2011

There was supposed to be a running joke with RGB – he would keep changing colors in artwork and the colors would never be in the right places. I was only successful in cajoling an artist to draw the “wrong” colors once, they always want to be as accurate as possible!

  Badge by Dasha (unsure of link), Midwest FurFest 2011

Dasha was sharing a table with Artful Dodger at MFF 2011, so while commissioning Artful Dodger, I commissioned Dasha at the same time!

  Icon by Lenny Mutt, December 2011

A holiday-themed icon. I only rediscovered this one while working on this page in September 2017; I rather like it a lot and should’ve been using it as a badge all along!

  Badge by Irime, Furstivus 2011-2012

All dressed for New Year’s!

   Colored Sketch by Jackalope Jess, May 2012
  Artwork by Chiono-Kun, May 2012

This is my favorite artwork to use as a fursuit badge, the bright, bold colors print out really well.

   Artwork by Boomtown Fox, April 2014